How to Get Better at FPS Games in PC

5 Tips to help you become a Better Player in FPS Games. Apply these tips today to improve your accuracy.

First-Person Shooter Games are some of the most competative games out there becoming a good player takes a lot of time. But there are some tips that can speed up the process.

The truth is, we only get better with practice. No guide, acn make us better in an instant. But yes, this guide can help you to learn a few things that will speed up your progress.

As I’m a PC Player who uses a Mouse, I can only give tips to other PC players. So, if you play on a Playstation or Xbox, please look for another guide. I’m damn sure that you can find many great guides.

1) Buy a Better Monitor

A 144Hz Monitor will allow you to see more frames and the experience will be a lot more smoother. Getting 150+ FPS is pretty much useless on a 60Hz Monitor. To make sure you fully utilize that extra FPS, get a 144Hz Monitor Today.

2) Buy a Gaming Mouse

Among all the Gaming Accessories, the Gaming Mouse makes the most difference in FPS Games. It comes will more number of buttons as compared to a standard mouse and allows you to fully utilize both your hands.

Also, the shape of a gaming mouse is suitable for long duration gaming. Once you’re experience using a good Gaming Mouse, it will hard to go back.

Don’t forget to disable Mouse Acceleration on your Mouse for better performance. In this guide by Master Gaming, they have illustrated step-by-step instructions to disable mouse acceleartion in Windows 10.

3) Adjust your Sensitivity

Every FPS game comes with a different type of In-Game Sensitivity. This will further be effected by your Mouse DPI. So, before you start playing it, adjust the sensitivity to a number that you’re comfortable with in other FPS games.

4) Improve your Aim

Obviously, improving the aim is the most important step to become a god in FPS Games. Practice does make everyone better but these tips at PC Gamer will further help you out to improve the aim.

4) Make Efficient Use of Crouching and Jumping

You can Crouch and Jump in almost every FPS game that I can think of. Crouching does improve your accuracy while jumping ensures that the opponent can’t hit you either. Making efficient use of both will improve your gameplay.

5) Learn to Switch Weapons Quickly

This is another aspect of FPS Games that most people forget. You need to learn how to switch weapons quickly. In most games like Counter Strike, switching to a different weapon is faster than reloading your current weapon. Once it’s the time for reload, quickly switch your weapon.

Final Advice

I know how bad it feels when we are noobs in a game but it doesn’t matter. Even the Pro Players always start as a noob and with enough practice, patience, experience and the will of never giving up makes them perfect.

Keep all these stuff to your fingertips and apply them every time you go into a game. Let me know if this guide helps you out!

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